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This web has been made by PLATOS TRADICIONALES, SA, with informative nature and for its personal use.

The fact that you access to this web involves the knowledge and the acceptance of the followings terms and conditions and attributes the user condition to the Portal and the access to it involves its acceptance without reservations. 

1.- Ownership of the web.

The domain name,, is registered in favour Platos Tradicionales, S.A. registered in the Business Register of Valencia, volume 8273, Page 1, Book 5564, Section 8 page V107707, with Company Tax Code A97617773.

PLATOS TRADICIONALES, S.A. Head Office is in P.I: EL RINCON, CALLE SRV-1, s/n, Parcela I.N.A. 1-1 Apdo Correos 195, 46360 Bunyol, Valencia, Spain, which is established for this present Legal Notice. 

2.- Terms and Conditions.

The contents and services included and offered in this web are not aimed at these people who are in these jurisdictions where they are not authorized. Only, in this present web are included these web pages which are within the map of the web. The user will access voluntarily to this web. The access and browser in this web involves to accept and to know the legal warnings, conditions and terms of use included on it. The simple fact of accessing does not involve the establishment of any type of commercial relation between PLATOS TRADICIONALES, S.A. and the user of the Portal. 

The Legal Notice and/or the Terms of Service of PLATOS TRADICIONALES, S.A., set for the services rendered through this present web could suffer modifications of any type, when PLATOS TRADICIONALES, S.A. consider it appropriate or with the purpose to adapt it to the future legislative and technological changes. These modifications will be notified conveniently, they will be valid since its use in the web, except opposite manifestations. As a result, the User must read attentively this Legal Notice every time he/she wants to use the Portal, in case there is any modification. 

3.- Contents

PLATOS TRADICIONALES, S.A. carries out the maximum efforts to avoid wrong contents which are published in the web. All the contents, presented in the web, from which PLATOS TRADICIONALES is the holder or responsible, are updated. PLATOS TRADICIONALES has the authority to modify them at any time. PLATOS TRADICIONALES, S.A. is not responsible for the consequences that can derive from the wrong contents that may appear in the web either provided or published by Platos.

Also, It is forbidden for the Userthe inclusion and communication of false and inexact contents, so they can induce or lead the rest of Userof PLATOS TRADCIONALES staff into error, in particular, the contents which are protected by any copyrights or patent rights, belonging to a third party, when they do not have the authorization from the holder rights, discredit or run down PLATOS TRADICIONALES, S.A fame or credit, or that may be considered illicit, deceitful or disloyal advertising.

4. Responsibility Limitation 

PLATOS TRADICIONALES, S.A. does not guarantee the lack of virus or another elements that could get damaged any computer system, electronic documents or user' s file of this web, so PLATOS TRADICIONALES will not take any responsibility for the prejudices which could be caused by any of the aforementioned causes nor for the bad use of this web.
This present Legal Notice is applicable only to the information within PLATOS TRADICIONALES, SA web.

PLATOS TRADICIONALES SA has not to control and it does not control the use that Userdo of the Portal, and of the Contents. In particular, PLATOS TRADCIONALES, SA does not guarantee user' s use of the Portal and the Contents in accordance with the present Legal Notices, or if they do it in a diligent and careful way. PLATOS TRADICIONALES, SA neither has to verify and does not verify the user' s identity, or veracity, validity, exhaustiveness and/or authenticity of user' s personal details.

5.- Copyright and Patent rights.

This web and the contents within it, are protected by the legislation, It is in force in copyright subject. It is forbidden to modify, to copy, to reproduce, to download, to pass on , to spread or to change the Portal contents, without the hold' s authorization of the corresponding rights or if it is allowed lawfully. The access to the web does not mean to acquire by the users, in any case, the rights of any contents within that web.

The trademark or registered trademarks or sign PLATOS TRADICIONALES, SA references, lead the prohibition about the use without PLATOS TRADICIONALES consent. In any moment, except express declaration, the access or use of the Portal and/or of its contents, confer the user any right about the trademarks, logos and/or signs which are included and protected by the law. 

The User undertakes to use the contents founded in the Portal, to be understood, without having restrictive character this list, the texts, the photographs, the graphic, the pictures, the icon, the technology and besides audiovisual or audible signal contents if there are, also its graphic design and source codes (from now on Contents), in accordance with the law, the present Legal Notice and the others notices, rules, regulations of use or instructions bring them to your attention, also morality and the good manners generally agreed and law and order, and in particular, he/she undertakes to refrain from: 
(a) reproducing, copying, distributing, putting at disposal in any way of communicating in public, transforming, modifying the contents, unless we have the hold' s authorization of the corresponding rights or this is legally allowed.

b) deleting, manipulating or changing the copyright in any way and the rest of identifying information of PLATOS TRADICIONALES, SA rights reserve or its holders, of the footprint or of any technical resources established for its recognition. 

The User should refrain from getting, even trying, to get the Contents using for it the resources or different processes according to the case, at him disposal for this effect in the web or in the web that has been showed for this effect where the Contents are, or in general, from the ones are used regular in Internet for this effect whenever there is not any risk or disablement Portal, Services and/or of the Contents.

6-Browser and Security

PLATOS TRADICIONALES, SA carries out the maximum efforts to guarantee that the browser of this web is executed with the best conditions. For the excellent visualization of this web would be advisable to provide of a Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher version or Nestcape 5.0 or higher, it is advised for a correct visualization a resolution 800x600 px.
PLATOS TRADICIONALES, SA does not guarantee or take responsibility for the web continous access nor for having the chance of making an error. In any case PLATOS TRADICIONALES, SA will take responsibility for the prejudices of any type that could come up due to the access and the use of this web. 

7. Privacy Policy and Data Protection

The criterion and rules that PLATOS TRADICIONES, SA follows regarding the use of the Data that you provide in a free and voluntarily way through our web are the ones are displayed in this web page. 

Our Data Protection policy can change due to possible legislative changes or the criterions coming from Data Protection Agency, but in any case, it is about the necessary variations to adapt our policy to the present legislation and the criterion of the user' s protection. In that sense, if there is some change we will keep you informed through this web page.

The Data provided by Userwill be incorporated into a database which is PLATOS TRADICIONALES property and responsible, address company in P.I. EL RINCON, CALLE SRV-1, s/n Parcela I.N.A. 1-1, Apdo. Correos 195 , 46360, Bunyol, Valencia, Spain. Theses databases are registered in the Registry General Data Protection office of the Spanish Agency Data Protection.
The collection and automated treatment of the Userpersonal details will be needed to meet your enquiries and/or subscription requests of our services. The refusal will involve the impossibility of answering or resolving Userenquiries.

The collection will be done with the purpose of serving and processing suitably the requests sent, management, assistance, extension and improvement of the services that you decide to subscribe, to register, or to use the adjustment of these services to the user preferences, the study of use of the User' services on the Userpart, the design of new services related to these services, the sending, through traditional ways and emails, technical , operative, and commercial information about products and services given by PLATOS TRADICIONALES,SA nowadays and in the future, for this it gives us its consent. The aim of the collection and the automated treatment of the personal details can also include the sending of forms that you are not in the need of answering.

All the information provided by Userthrough the Portal Services must be truthful. For this purpose, the User guarantees the authenticity of this provided information when the necessary information has been filled in for subscription of the Services. In the same way, the User will be responsible for keeping always updated all the information provided to PLATOS TRADICIONALES, SA, so it is the present situation User. In any case, the User will be the only one responsible for the untrue and inexact statements provided and also for the prejudice that may cause to PLATOS TRADICIONALES, SA.

If you do not wish that we have any information about you or if you want to know the information that we have , or you would like to modify any data, or to delete it from our database you can contact us personally, in the company address by post, with a signed form sent to the following address: 

En P.I. EL RINCON, CALLE SRV-1, s/n, Parcela I.N.A. 1-1,Apdo. Correos 195 ,46360,Bunyol,Valencia,Spain.
Ref. Personal Details
In some cases and in accordance with the applicable legislation (LOPD), the form should have User' s name and surname, a copy of the ID card or equivalent and also the content of the enquiry that you wish to make, in that case.
Your Personal details will not be transferred to third parties.

In accordance with the current legislation as regards data protection, we have taken the security measures adapted to the information that you provide us, and besides, we have taken all the technical measures within reach of us to avoid lost, bad use, change, not authorized access or robbery of themselves.

8.- Applicable Legislation and Courts 

The terms and conditions that apply in this web as well as the relations that may result from are protected and under the Spanish Legislation. 
For the solution of any controversy, lawsuit or discrepancy that may eventually happen between the User and PLATOS TRADICIONALES, SA due to the use of this web, the subjugation is agreed of themselves to the Valencia Courts, Spain.

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